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5 Amenities That A Premium Holiday Apartment Must Provide To Its Guests

Customers generally expect a luxurious experience in premium hotels and holiday homes while on vacation. They want something novel yet usable. You want your guests to leave your accommodation feeling relaxed and happy. Here are the five amenities that any premium establishment must provide, such as Regim hotelier Sector 4.

·      Basic Package

A basic package of a premium Holiday Home should come with toiletries, personal care items, a coffee kit, tissues, bathrobes and slippers, complimentary breakfast and free WIFI. These are all the things you require and are a must-have, and they should be included even in the most basic package. Personal care items like combs, creams, razors, and moisturizers are necessary. A complimentary breakfast is a way to warm your guest up, and having free WIFI seems like a no-brainer.

·      A Kitchen Area And Open Space

The primary reason people choose to book holiday homes compared to conventional hotels is the accessibility and availability of a functional kitchen. Guests prefer the comfort of a house rather than residing within the artificial interiors of a hotel room. Having a functional kitchen also allows you to eat healthily and enable you to bond with your friends and family members better. Holiday homes also offer a more open area where adults and children can relax outdoors.

·      Mobile Check-In And Availability Of A Work Desk

The process and technology involved in instant check-in have become very popular and highly sustainable. With this technology, your guests can now check in without any paperwork. There are no registration papers to sign, and the entire process can be handled on a tablet. Premium holiday homes such as Regim hotelier Sector 4 understand the rise in the popularity of remote working. It is precisely why dedicated desks and rooms are provided where working professionals can fulfil their regular corporate responsibilities even on holidays.

·      Room Purification And House Plants

The pandemic has increased our safety concerns, and room purification has become one of the most demanded services. Regim hotelier Sector 4 has installed filtration systems to meet these demands as it has become a necessity. It is also helpful to have indoor plants like peace lilies that help in the purification of air while providing a sense of comfort. House plants add to the room’s decoration and make it look homely.

·      Food And Beverages

It is essential to provide your guests with good folds and cold beverages. Some holiday homes have opted for mini-fridges or mini-bars in the rooms, and you can stock them with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to heighten the guest’s experience.

Final Overview

Premium establishments such as Regim hotelier Sector 4 are obligated to provide good services and amenities for their guests. Therefore, check out the best holiday homes to enhance your holiday experience with your friends and family members.

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