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5 Places You Must Visit During a Vacation in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, now officially Bengaluru, is located in the southern part of India on the Deccan Plateau. Being situated 920 meters above sea level, the city is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. There are direct Kolkata to Bengaluru flights for you to enjoy a hassle-free vacation in this metropolitan. Bengaluru has a thumping nightlife, along with countless adventure opportunities. This city will not disappoint you. Bengaluru also offers a range of lip-smacking delicacies. So, book Kolkata to Bengaluru flight and check out these must-visit locations.

1.     The Bengaluru Palace

This place is considered one of the most striking palaces in India. It was constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar in the 19th century. Built-in the Tudor style, it draws inspiration from England’s Windsor Castle. The vintage furniture, woodcarvings, and amazing décor make it a must-visit. The interiors will take you on a dive deep into history and give you a glimpse of the royalty. This palace is now a popular venue for concerts, exhibitions, and events in the city.

2.     Commercial Street, Bengaluru

Located in the Central Business District, Commercial Street is home to many small shops and brand outlets that offer a wide range of items to shop for. This place is a one-stop-shop for everyone. It fulfills your shopping as well as entertainment requirements for the weekend. Moreover, the environment of Commercial Street is so dynamic. It is always throbbing with activity with the rush of the local market.

3.     Chola Temples

The Chola Dynasty ruled for a very long time in Southern India. The Chola kings built several exquisite temples that are no less than architectural masterpieces. You can witness intricate carvings, alluring sculptures, and other magnificent details in each temple. Old Madiwala Someshwara Temple and Domlur Chokkanathaswamy Temple are some of the most popular temples here. If you are interested in spirituality, you can also check out the ISKCON temple.

4.     Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

This palace is one of the best examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. The palace was built as the summer residence of the then rile of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. Hyder Ali was tasked with the construction, which ended in 1791. With very fine sculptures and workmanship, this is certainly one historical monument that is awe-inspiring for every type of visitor.

5.     Cubbon Park

This park sprawls over 300 acres of massive greenery with the lush lawns being maintained regularly. This park was constructed by Richard Sankey. Brimming with greenery and tranquility, this park is a great pick for a fun outing with the family. This place is also a treasure trove of nature, with 6,000 trees and plants from about 100 different species.

Make sure you click a lot of pictures and make a lot of memories. Most importantly, remember to try out the local delicacies and pack some sweets for your loved ones before you get on your Bengaluru to Kolkata flight.

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