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7 World Class Services and Amenities to Enjoy at AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali

Ayana resort and spa, Bali offers guests a glimpse into Balinese daily life with their new Bali Cultural Experience Package. The three-night package includes accommodations, a guided tour of Jimbaran’s famous markets, a professional cooking lesson at Rimba’s Scenography Cooking School, authentic Balinese dining experiences and a traditional Kecak dance performance.

Guests staying at Ayana’s flagship resort, AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali, its sister resort, AYANA Rimba Jimbaran, or the ultra-lux Villas at Ayana Resort, Bali have the opportunity to venture beyond the “Island of the Gods’” white sand beaches and emerald rice paddies to explore the stalls of fresh fruit, local delicacies, hand-woven textiles and traditional handiworks of Jimbaran’s vibrant markets.

Upon return to the resort, guests are offered a chance to prepare authentic Balinese dishes using the island’s exotic produce at Rimba’s professional Scenography Cooking School. This package also includes a dining experience at Kampoeng Bali, Ayana’s restaurant, with a buffet of traditional options typically enjoyed by Balinese royalty. The evening then concludes with a Sunset Ritual, followed by a Kecak performance, a form of Balinese dance and music developed in the 1930s.

Apart from the services offered on the above package, visitors are also welcomed to enjoy these amenities and luxurious services;

1.      The AYANA’s Spa complex

AYANA’s Spa complex was voted as Indonesia’s Best Hotel Spa at the 2016 World Spa Awards. The Spa offers an aqua tonic Sea Water Jet Pool, healing journey while overlooking the resorts lush gardens which lasts for two hours and a professional salon to cater for the daily beauty needs of the guests. Other services offered at the spa include the bridal and special event services and guests’ personalized nail, hair and waxing needs.

2.      KUBU beach

Kubu beach is private stretch of white sand beach which is only available to guests of AYANA. There are plenty of fun activities for visitors to engage in while at the beach such as; relaxing on a chaise lounge in the shaded bamboo cabanas, swim in the surf, read a book, or simply take a walk at the sandy beach. Guests can also order a picnic hamper lunch from Warung Kubu, which serves as the resort’s private beach hotel in Bali.

3.      Shopping at AYANA’s shopping arcade

The bali beach resort has a new shopping arcade that is inspired by Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. The arcade offers visitors the opportunity to shop in a luxurious and expansive setting without leaving AYANA.

4.      Magnificent Golf field

With a golf field which is reduced to one-tenth the size of a regular course, the resort offers guests an opportunity to enjoy the sport at the New Kuta Golf course which has 18 holes, it starts behind the Fitness Center and ends around the Spa Complex, and the golf course also offers a great ocean view.

5.      Romantic beach picnic

For couples and newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon, the resort has a perfect landscape for them to enjoy the serenity of the resort’s private beach hotel in Bali and set up a romantic picnic at the secluded white-sand Kubu Beach.

6.      A Guided Jimbaran Fish Market Tour

Visitors are also treated to a morning ride into the Jimbaran Fish Market and the nearby produce market. They are accompanied by the resort’s Balinese guide who explains all about the area’s fishing history, use of traditional ingredients, the style of cooking observed and the role food plays in their daily rituals.

7.      The main swimming pool

The main swimming pool at AYANA acts as a sanctuary of earthly delights for guests to take a refreshing dip in the freshwater outdoor pool. The pool is designed on two levels where the infinity edge seems to merge with the ocean beyond. Lounging on a comfortable chaise, shaded by a generous umbrella is always soothing. Each villa also has a private swimming pool for guests who want to take a swim at the comfort of their room.

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