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Creation & Determination: Inside the World of Gennady Podolsky


A widely traveled expert and agent, Gennady Podolsky has spent much of his life helping others to explore the world. Years of experience in the field have made Gennady Podolsky widely recognized for his work and given him the ability to teach others and inspire them to pursue their journeys in life.

Podolsky took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss what motivates and inspires him during his work as a bespoke travel concierge. Let’s take a closer look at Podolsky’s insights so we can better follow in his footsteps.

Meet Gennady Podolsky

First and foremost, Gennady Podolsky began his career while attending Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. During this time,t Podolsky decided to marry the benefits of technology to the joy of travel, creating a tech-first travel company that aimed to streamline the travel booking process.

Ahead of the pack with his tech-first travel company, Gennady Podolsky would turn his idea into a thriving business that has since allowed him to develop his skills worldwide, bringing great value to his clients along the way.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Creating a productive business requires a great idea and the determination and discipline to realize it. Podolsky understands that his work is entirely tied to the whims of his clients. As such, he likes to start his day by focusing on his clients’ obstacles and potential problems.

Podolsky says of how he starts his working day, “In the travel business, as with many other businesses and customer service-based industries, you can plan all you want, but client needs always drive schedules.”

Gennady Podolsky would explain how he has to focus on helping his clients with their schedules and adjusting for emergencies and travel disruptions, all while working correctly.

Podolsky says, “I have to remain flexible and be immediately available to assist clients promptly.”

Motivation and Inspiration Drives Innovation

Podolsky likes to build teams conducive to better operations to stay motivated and inspired in his work. Podolsky says, “I focus on my strengths and delegate the rest. I also help people around me to do the same, which creates an atmosphere of collaborative work.”

To keep his environment constantly improving in the right direction, Podolsky understands that he has to keep his eyes a little wide along the way. Podolsky says, “I recommend that people always maintain curiosity and listen. Take genuine interest in other people. Follow your passions.”

As he continues to grow in his role, Podolsky is aware that he has to follow the rules while also disrupting them. Podolsky stated, “The greatest lesson is successfully walking the line between the two.”

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