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Four Winter Activities to Enjoy for your Romantic Getaway in Quebec City

The snow can awaken your desire to break away from your daily routine. You will want to enjoy the best winter holiday of your life. In fact, you may want to have a romantic getaway with your special someone. Whether you are looking to go to an intimate spa, in a secluded cottage, or in a ski resort, you have a lot of places to choose from to have a great time with that person. Below are some of the winter activities in Quebec City that you can take part in during a romantic weekend:

Enjoy Nature

In the cold months, nature tends to calm down. After the surroundings are covered with snow, you may want to put on your snowshoes and explore nature with your loved one. You want a snowy place that is isolated from the rest of the world where you can enjoy the quiet and cool. Even if you want to book a salle congres montérégie, don’t forget to take advantage of winter activities with nature.

Stroll Through Quebec City Streets

If you have been living a busy life, now is the time to give yourself that much-needed break by organising a short stay in Quebec City. Spend time strolling through their snowy streets and see beautiful architecture around them. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a long meal at a restaurant and shop at local shops. This is the best time to let yourself live and forget about deadlines and appointments.

Relax at the Spa

There is nothing better to spend a weekend at the spa to recharge your batteries and face the end of winter better. What better than being able to relax in a jacuzzi when it is snowy outside. A romantic getaway at a spa can include having massages such as hot stone massage, Swedish massage, couples, massage, and others. Just look for discounted ski tickets online to return to your favorite resort or visit new resorts.


If you and the love of your life love thrills, think about skiing in major destinations. Consider a weekend exploring the trails of Mount Sutton, Owl’s Head, and Bromont. When it comes to snowboarding or skiing, you can find hundreds of trails in Quebec. Being out in the cold taking part in this activity will help you leave your worries behind and enjoy the moment. After a day of skiing, you can relax in a restaurant or by the fire.

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