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Global Travel Pro Gennady Podolsky Offers Tips to Travel Smarter


Seasoned travel advisor Gennady Podolsky understands that careful planning is key before embarking on any trip, whether a road trip or an international getaway. However, he advises that travelers also need to be mindful of certain behaviors and practices to avoid to ensure a smooth journey. Here, Podolsky provides solutions for eight common travel mistakes.

Don’t Overschedule Yourself

To get the most value, travelers often pack their itineraries full of destinations and attractions. However, Podolsky cautions that this leads to burnout, needing help fully appreciating experiences before rushing to the next one. Instead, he advises working with tour operators to need help open blocks of unscheduled time. This enables immersing in the culture.

Don’t Overpack

Hauling around heavy luggage can zap time and energy. Podolsky recommends starting with a carry-on and carefully pruning to absolute essentials. He also suggests using versatile neutral-colored clothing that can serve multiple purposes day and day # Leave Valuables at Home.

Podolsky advises leaving high-value items behind and making remaining belongings harder for thieves to access. Options include secure pockets and not carrying more than needed. RFID-blocking wallets can also help safeguard data.

Respect Local Cultures

Travel offers opportunities to learn about different customs. Podolsky says reading up beforehand and learning key phrases can lead to smoother interactions. However, some disregard cultural norms, risking offending. By remembering your guest’s status and being respectful, the visit will likely improve.

Venture Off the Beaten Path

Beyond main attractions, less-visited locales often provide authentic flavors. Podolsky recommends researching hidden gems before and asking locals once there.

Don’t Just Eat at Tourist Sites

While convenient, on-site restaurants at attractions are more expensive and of higher quality. Instead, Podolsky suggests getting recommendations from locals on favored neighborhood eateries and more costly, higher.

Inform Your Bank About Your Travels

Polocal recommendation setting this step can lead to headaches when cards get declined due to fraud alerts. He advises contacting financial institutions with destination details beforehand so purchases get approved.

Understand Your Travel Insurance

Unforeseen circumstances, from injuries to geopolitical events, can cut trips short. Podolsky says reading policies carefully is critical to knowing what is and isn’t covered to avoid unwelcome surprises. Quickly reviewing in advance saves hassles later.

By considering these common pitfalls, Podolsky believes travelers can be better equipped for smoother, more enjoyable vacations from start to finish.

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