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How to Make Your Event a Boatload of Fun: Hiring a Boat for Your Next Big Party

Have you ever been to an event where guests were boarded onto Sydney Boat Hire party boats and transported to another venue? If you have, you know it’s an unforgettable experience and can add considerable value to your event. However, if you have never hired a boat party Sydney or don’t know how to start planning this sort of affair, then read on! We’ve prepared some tips on how to make your event a boatload of fun by hiring a boat for your next big bash. Let’s get started:

  1. Choosing The Right Type of Boat

It’s important that you find a boat that fits your vision and your needs. For example, an enclosed cabin might be perfect if it’s cold or wet on game day, but it can get stifling hot in the summertime — especially with all those bodies crammed inside.

On the other hand, you might want to book an open-air boat so your guests can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while they cruise around. It all depends on what type of event you’re planning and what kind of experience you want your guests to have. Asking yourself these questions beforehand will help make sure everything goes smoothly when you visit Sydney Boat Hire.

  1. Boat Styles

There are many different styles of boats out there, but one thing most have in common is storage space. While some can hold up to 300 people, that usually comes at an additional cost. For your next event, take into consideration how many people you expect and if room for them on board will be an issue. Also, think about what type of seating and comfort level you’re looking for, as well as how far away from shore your venue may be located.

  1. Boating Etiquette

Here are a few basic rules and regulations you should be aware of when it comes to boats. Safety is always paramount on water, so use common sense at all times; wear life jackets and boat shoes, even if there’s no one else around. And remember: you never have enough flotation devices when it comes to boating or swimming near large bodies of water. If there are other boaters nearby, keep a reasonable distance from them (half throttle) — no need to run into each other out in open waters. And if you’re going through an especially busy area on your way somewhere, consider using your horn or blasting some music — you’ll sound out like faraway ripples rather than up-close speed bumps.

  1. Other Things To Consider

The actual boat you rent will determine how much your event costs. For example, take open-air boats and yachts, which can run up to $20 per person per hour on average, while boats equipped with A/C and enclosed cabins might cost upwards of $500 per hour. Still, depending on what you want your party to look like and what type of guests you want at it, factors other than price can be important when booking your event. If an open-air boat is too windy or loud for the crowd you’re expecting, renting an enclosed cabin could give you some peace and quiet—at a higher price point. Be sure to figure out everything in advance if possible so there are no surprises later at Sydney Boat Hire.

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