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Importance of Apostille For International Recognition Of Your Documents

Apostille services are essential if you’re moving to a new state and need to take your birth certificate, marriage license, or any other documents with you. But what is an apostille, anyway? How do you get one? And why should you? Read this comprehensive guide on apostille services in New Jersey to answer these questions and more.

1.   What Is an Apostille?

If you are moving or using your documents in another country, getting a certification such as birth certificates and college diplomas for use overseas may be necessary. In that case, you will need an apostille. What is an apostille? Simply put, it’s a certification used by many countries worldwide to verify the authenticity of a document. The word apostille means a certificate of authentication, and an official government agency has signed off on that certification with its seal.

An apostille is a stamp that certifies a document for use outside of its country of origin, typically affixed with a seal. For example, many foreign countries require certification of documents before accepting them. In other words, you must submit your birth certificate and marriage license with an apostille from your state before your new spouse can sponsor you for a visa.

2.   Why Get an Apostille?

All sorts of important documents can require an apostille, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, and passports. However, you will need to know that your document doesn’t need an apostille if you use it in your state. While it’s not strictly necessary that these papers bear an apostille to be valid in most cases, you will require certification by one or more government agencies to be recognized internationally.

For example, suppose you plan to do business internationally or open a branch abroad. In that case, the chances are that your legal documents will need an apostille from your state for recognition internationally. However, an apostille is essential for international organizations—such as United Nations and European Union agencies—when they need to present documents from one country to another. One good thing is that you don’t have to do any complicated legal research—you can drop off your paperwork with apostille services New Jersey to help you with the approval.

3.   Where and How Can You Get an Apostille?

The process of getting an apostille and what it does for your document is called apostilling or legalizing a document. It’s also crucial to note that you can only use an apostille if your state has signed one of three reciprocal treaties with The Hague Convention. If you are ready to get an apostille or certified copy of a document, you should know that there are two common ways to obtain it.

A.   Applying for an Apostille Yourself

The first is by applying for an apostille yourself. You must apply at a local state office and pay a fee to do so. This method does not provide an immediate turnaround time and can be somewhat confusing for many people.

The process varies by jurisdiction; however, in most cases, an official authorized by your state or country is responsible for issuing an apostille. You can get an apostille for your New Jersey birth certificate or any other document issued by a state or federal agency. The procedure may be different depending on where you live and what type of document you are submitting, but in general, you need to follow these steps;

  • Fill out a Request for Certification (Form DOJ-361). This form is available online and at all county clerk offices. If there’s no clerk’s office near you, some counties will mail you a blank form to fill out.
  • Attach certified copies of original documents—one copy if it’s notarized, two if it isn’t.
  • Send the copies to one of New Jersey’s ten regional passport agencies along with a check or money order payable to Treasurer NJ Dept. State Police.
  • Give your mailing address and phone number so they can send you back official proof that they received your application.
  • Wait for several weeks while the passport agency certifies your documents. They will send your new apostille to your home or office via certified mail. Once you have it, please take it to a foreign country’s consulate along with your original document and ask them to legalize it.

However, you can save yourself the headache by requesting a competent and authorized agency like the ApostilleInt for assistance with the apostille services.

B.   Hiring An Apostille Service Provider

The other option of obtaining an apostille is to hire a service provider like the ApostilleInt. The apostille service provider will take care of all your paperwork and fees, allowing you to get your documents and apostille in just a few days with ease. Hence, using a service provider to help you obtain your apostille has proven fast and efficient for most people.

4.   Documents You Can Apostille

Documents you can apostille with ApostilleInt Service provider include;

·         Diplomas ·         Wills
·         Transcripts ·         Name changes
·         Tax forms ·         Powers of attorney
·         IRS letters ·         Corporate documents
·         Police reports ·         Social Security letters
·         Driver’s licenses ·         Birth/ marriage/death certificates


The best way to certify your documents for international recognition is to obtain an apostille. An apostille certifies that a copy of your document is legal and valid in your home country, like a birth certificate. If you need an apostille for work, travel, or other purposes, you can get it from ApostilleInt. Just remember: some countries have their version of an apostille, so make sure yours conforms to what they require!

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