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Living the High Life: Renting a Riva in Portofino for Luxury Travel

Portofino is a picturesque town on the Italian Riviera that has long been a playground for the rich and famous. To truly experience the luxury and glamour of this region, there’s no better way than by renting a Riva, a sleek and stylish speedboat that exudes elegance and sophistication. Here are some tips for renting a Riva in Portofino for luxury travel:

Choose the right Riva model

Rivas come in a range of different models, from smaller and more nimble boats to larger and more luxurious models. For luxury travel, it’s recommended that you choose one of the larger and more spacious models, which offer more space and amenities such as comfortable seating, a sun deck, and a mini-bar.

Customize your experience

When renting a Riva in Portofino for luxury travel, you have the option to customize your experience to suit your preferences. This can include adding extras such as a private chef, a personal photographer, or even a masseuse to enhance your onboard experience.

Plan your itinerary

To make the most of your luxury Riva rental, it’s recommended that you plan your itinerary ahead of time. This can include visiting the most exclusive and high-end restaurants, boutiques, and clubs in the region, as well as exploring the most beautiful spots along the coastline.

Hire a skipper

To truly relax and enjoy your luxury Riva experience, it’s recommended that you hire a skipper to navigate the waters for you. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery and the onboard amenities without having to worry about navigation or safety.

Book in advance

Renting a luxury Riva in Portofino is a popular activity, particularly during the summer months. To avoid disappointment, it’s recommended that you book your rental well in advance, ideally several weeks or even months ahead of your trip.

Renting a Riva in Portofino for luxury travel is the ultimate way to experience the glamour and exclusivity of this beautiful region. With its sleek and stylish design, comfortable and spacious interiors, and luxurious amenities, a Riva is the perfect vessel for exploring the beauty and sophistication of Portofino in style and comfort. So indulge in the high life and book your luxury Riva rental today!

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