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No Concrete Answers about Start of Yarmouth Ferry

Summer is almost towards its end but there has been no concrete news regarding when or even if there is going to be a summer sailing season to Main for the Yarmouth ferry. There have been many costly and long delays. However, the government is still hoping that there is going to be a season and the opposition feat that there will not be.

The high-speed ferry boat is going to link Yarmouth town to Bar Harbor of Maine. Originally, the service had been scheduled to start on 21st of June. However, this has not happened in part due to a hold up in the customs. The Transportation Minister of Nova Scotia said that they had decided on certain square footage but they had not been able to agree to that due to an envelope which is there the building’ size. He says that this was being discussed if or not they will find other square footage.

The taxpayers have already spent $24m on the ferry last year. About $8.5m of the amount is for the renovation of the ferry terminal of Bar Harbor. Hine stated that he has not been to the terminal but had been informed that the renovation is almost complete. He also commented that the Cat has already made a maiden voyage to the harbor in the early half of this week for testing the ramps and it has worked out quite well.

Geoff MacLellan, the Tourism Minister says that he strongly believes that the moving this ferry to Bar Harbor from Portland had been the right decision. He also said that there has been no question from the moment and he stepped foot there which was not going to be a long-term destination. Portland wasn’t but Maine was.

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