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Pre-travel checklist: Things to do before your trip

Be it a weekend getaway or a planned trip, the last few days before any trip can be extremely hectic. The excitement of finally enjoy a vacay when sandwiched with the last-minute prep, can be really overwhelming sometimes. When there are a zillion things to do, a checklist always helps.

To help you deal with the vacation stress, here’s a small pre-travel checklist for you! Believe us, this will come in handy to remember if you packed your meds or not.

Let’s dive into it!

Keep your essential documents handy

If you are traveling abroad, there are certain essential documents which fall under your must-pack list. Your passport, identity proof, Visa, traveler’s cheque, etc., fall under this category. Make sure to keep these documents safe. Remember to pack them in your carry-on luggage for easy accessibility.

Keep copies of your tickets and reservations

It’s amazing how we can just use our smart phones to scan our tickets at the airport or at a hotel! Still, there are some places which prefer hard copy of your ticket. And what if your cell phone battery dies or you are not in a network zone?!

In that case, keeping copies of your tickets and reservations is a smarter option. Doesn’t matter if your cell battery is low or the bus station doesn’t accept digital tickets, you will be prepared!

Double check everything – especially your reservation dates

We all have somehow goofed up and made reservations for the wrong dates. Yes, it happens more than we care to admit!

While booking your flight tickets or bus ticket, remember to double check the date and time of the reservation before making the payment. Get another set of eyes to do the same. This way, you won’t be standing at a bus station with your luggage all ready, only to realize you don’t have the right reservation.

Not only is it a huge waste of time, but also money.

Always check the carry-on and check-in baggage restrictions

Every airport and airline have their own set of carry-on and check-in baggage restrictions. It is better to check them in advance to avoid paying extra at the check-in counter. If you are travelling abroad, let’s say USA, the rules are different there. The dimensions of your bag along with weight are taken into consideration.

Your bag’s total dimension including length, weight, and height should not exceed 158 cm. Moreover, the weight of the bag should be 23 Kgs or less for each check-in baggage. Although, these values might differ from airline to airline.

Therefore, check these restrictions in advance.

Pack a first-aid kit or a survival kit

Always be prepared! It is important to pack a survival kit. It can mean anything for you and your family.

A few essential items are:

  • Your prescription medications
  • Hand sanitizer and face masks (because the pandemic)
  • A First Aid Kit with Neosporin, Band-Aids, Cotton, Pain Killers (doctor recommended), doctor’s tape, etc.
  • Eye masks (for a good night’s sleep)
  • Earplugs
  • Headphones
  • Neck pillows

Keep your electronics charged

If your bus ticket or flight ticket is for early morning, keep your phones, tabs, laptops for charging in the night itself.

Keep your power bank fully charged too, in case you run out of battery!

This will help you to stay connected with your family or friends back home in case of an emergency. Additionally, you won’t get bored in a long flight with a phone full of movies and music.

No need to spend on Airport food

We all know how overpriced Airport or airline food can be! It is better to pack your own snacks from home.

You can raid a nearby supermarket to get your favourite snacks at low prices. If you have certain food restrictions or allergies, you can buy a healthy snack as per your preference. Pack the snacks in the carry-on luggage and not the check-in baggage for easy accessibility.

Choose your wardrobe according to your destination

Given that you can see weather forecast for at least 10 days in advance, it’s better to pack accordingly. This will help you to know if you will need extra raincoats or overcoats for the destination.

Moreover, there might be some places which have their own clothing restrictions for a few sacred sites. Check your itinerary beforehand to figure out if there are any specific clothing norms you should follow. Pack accordingly.

Even before going through the check list, always compare flight fare on different flight booking apps to make sure you are getting the cheapest rates. Cheap flight rates will help you to save more money on your accommodation, local shopping sprees, and other essential items like travel insurance, etc.

Now travel without last-minute running and worry with our pre-travel checklist

Above are a few things you should add to your pre-travel checklist. Feel free to add more items as per your destination and preference. Additionally, we suggest you to always carry some cash on you for emergency cases.

With a pre-travel checklist handy, you are now ready to explore your favourite destinations!

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