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The Hawaiian Isles and Other Beautiful Island Vacation Destinations

Hawaii is rightfully one of the world’s most desirable places to come for vacationers. The picturesque island chain is America’s fiftieth state and is generally recognized as its most beautiful and welcoming. 


Hawaii is a group of 8 islands that are each different with a special allure. Oahu, the most inhabited and frequently visited island is filled with excitement and lots of entertainment options for the entire family. Waikiki Beach is the main tourist hub and there are a long list of luxury hotels and resorts that are located directly on or very near the beach and that offer inclusive packages for their guests. Many come to these resorts and never leave the rounds while they are in Waikiki Beach.   


Maui is a popular island for honeymooners or those wanting to find romance without having to deal with car accident lawyers. You can see the most beautiful sunsets here and lots of opportunities to take the perfect romantic picture. Couples packages are the big attraction on Maui. The islands of Lanai and Molokai are newer tourist hotspots and can still be considered less traveled. They attract those who want a very quiet and relaxed Hawaii vacation. The Big Island of Hawaii is famous for its constantly erupting volcanoes but there is so much more that you can do here. The island contains several beautiful beaches and lush valleys where you can have memorable outdoor experiences. 


Each island offers many adventurous and cool activities including swimming, hiking, skydiving, surfing, whale watching and zip lining. There are also many tours you can take to view the history of the islands. No matter which island you pick, you will be able to create a once in a lifetime adventure on Hawaii. 


The Greek Isles

Reece has a series of fantastic islands that sit in the wonderful Mediterranean. One of the best ways to visit these islands is to charter a luxury yacht or sailboat and cruise the Mediterranean. This way you can stay as long as you like of each island and even return if you find one that you particularly love. Here is a brief overview of the most popular Greek Islands.   



Santorini is the largest and most popular Greek island. It contains several beautiful beaches featuring a variety of colored sand from red to black. There are mountains that provide perfect backdrops for the grassy lands that fill the interior of the island. Santorini features the best nightlife in Greece and there are dozens of great restaurants, cafes and bistros that will satisfy any foodie. You can easily get to Santorini with your chartered luxury boat and reach all parts of the island easily. 



Crete is described as a romantic getaway for couples. There are many ancient castles and ruins on the islands that create a sense of timelessness and culture. The topography consists of many mountains, forests and plateaus. There are also lots of great beaches for lovers to enjoy and relax together.  Come for the world-class international and local cuisine, the beautiful local music and the beautiful sunsets. 


Whether you choose to visit a Hawaiian Island or cruise the Mediterranean in a yacht to Santorini or Crete, you can’t go wrong with either of these amazing vacations. 


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