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The way the Killing of Osama Bin Laden Will Affect Business Travel


The dying of Osama Bin Laden doesn’t conclude the worldwide threat of terrorism but in most cases it’ll trigger a brand new wave or business travel threats. If you wish to learn more about how the killing of Osama Bin Laden will affect business travel you will want to see this short article. This information will find out the major delays, disruptions, risks and threats to business travel because of this much talked about leader’s dying. Through the finish of this article you will be aware the important thing issues affecting business travel consequently and then find out the primary areas for travel planning and risk management focus.

Bin Laden’s Dying

The dying of Osama won’ more signal the collapse and conclusion of worldwide terrorist occasions than when the Chief executive officer or chairman of the major multi-national would die also. Global and native terrorism threats comprise systems, many redundant and separate from anyone anchorman of leadership. Standing Military, Air Forces and Navies will also be built along such lines. Would the dying of the General bring a military to some halt? Unlikely. Therefore, while as being a major news and emotional event for a lot of it’ll have virtually no impact on the command and charge of supportive terrorist groups. It’ll embolden some to do something, rally towards the cause as well as further elevate Bin Laden being an icon for his or her actions, very similar as Che Guevara has changed because the face of freedom fighters around the world.


Terrorism remains a small threat to business travel in line with the amount of travel and individuals affected. The duty and duty to combat this type of threat still remains inside the government realm and never those of corporate entities even though they need to understand developments and abilities for local governments to combat or prevent attacks to make sure their vacationers don’t become targets or affected. Business vacationers it’s still much more likely to be prone to delays, disruptions and threats from more routine and frequent issues for example automobile accidents, illness, air travel disputes and rainwater.

The Actual Threat to Business Travel

The actual threat to business vacationers within the wake from the dying of Bin Laden would be the subsequent response through the global aviation security and government intelligence agencies. Most will view this result like a success but additionally be immediately centered on the opportunity of reprisal. Many people and groups happen to be within the advanced stages of planned attacks but others may hurry to action and attack meant for Al Qaeda or Islamic extremists. Their single-minded attention on these problems can lead to greater inconsistencies, delays and threats to business vacationers.

Airport terminal Security

Airports will end up much more unpredictable in regards to what and just how safety measures are implemented and changes are basically guaranteed. These changes will further disrupt the efficiency and flow of check-in, boarding, screening, arrivals and departures. However, the results and approach won’t be universal nor foreseeable towards the average traveller and delays, disruptions and missed flights will results and additional change up the effectiveness and efficiency of business travel. Company risk and security managers can also be on the hair-trigger and cease, suspend or defer business travel until they get “more details” around the situation, further compounding the problem. If history is any suggestion, any minor or major incident within the coming days and several weeks can lead to knee-jerk security treatment solutions that impact more vacationers of computer prevents terrorists.

Affected Census

Profiling and increased safety measures will be relevant to specific ethnic groups, nationalities and individuals traveling through identified travel corridors. Once more this is inaccurate, sporadic and opaque to nearly all vacationers who’ll suffer the broader effects and perhaps even personal results of such changes. Individuals traveling in the Middle East, of Pakistani ethnicity, Muslims, single males, individuals with beards, women in burkas, vacationers without any check-in luggage, individuals having to pay by cash or perhaps individuals that “act funny” in the airport terminal will all draw the interest of somebody who’s searching at explanations why someone poses a danger or could jeopardize air security and safety, therefore requires interception.


The planet isn’t any safer or riskier of computer was yesterday Osama Bin Laden was wiped out. The following reactions and actions following his dying however will change up the landscape by which business vacationers get a hearty. Hopefully it will likely be short-term but don’t let begin to see the smallest hint of threat or reports in the government departments then many of us are apt to be exposed to greater delay, disruption and risk for this reason relatively low-level threat. Osama’s dying won’t signify the finish of terrorism, business vacationers have to remember there’s ongoing and greater threat in the more routine, airport terminal security may have it’s ups and lower within the coming days/several weeks and also the color of the epidermis, accent, religion and reason for origin will all may play a role about how you’re viewed through the various security agencies.

Although this event shouldn’t have experienced any major impact upon business travel, the truth is it’ll. You’ve now learned exactly what the real threats are, you need to prepare your and yourself vacationers for that road ahead to make sure they still remain productive, safe and effective throughout their various business travel demands.

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