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Tips to Planning an Independent Trip In Cotswolds

Planning for an independent trip is always a worthwhile experience. It allows you to tailor your schedule to match your favorite activities and experiences.  However, this may not be as easy as it seems, and you need the right information to ensure a thrilling experience. Every avid traveler will tell you that there are various ways to plan your independent trip. How can I go about this? Let’s find out;

  1. Research destinations and activities

Start by doing an extensive research of travel destinations in England. This can be an engagement with people who have travelled to London or England before, groups and even professional blogs that share information about London, Cotswolds and other cities in England.

 Find out of the top tourist attractions in the city and the must-have activities and plan accordingly. Also, acquire the right gar for the planned activities and pack right.

  1. Plan for local experiences

After settling on the actual destination and activities, figure out how you will go about itinerary. Is it your fist time in Cotswolds? Perhaps a tour guide will come in handy; they will give information on the best places to tour, costs and timings which will ease your day-to-day activities.

  1. Decide on transportation/Itinerary options.

Once you have selected the intended destination, check traveler reviews and message boards for tips. This will aid in making an affirmative decision on transportation, time and the best routes for travel. The good thing about London is that there are different modes of transport. You can go for bus, rail, taxi, tube or cycle around the city.

  1. Check on available accommodation.

Accommodation is another important aspect when planning for an independent trip. Some of the critical aspects include:

  • Budget

Your budget will determine your choice of accommodation. Budget is quite an important concern when planning for an independent travel. You can choose hotels, apartments, Airnbs and more, and the pricing varies.

  • Season

You are likely to pay higher fees during peak seasons when almost everyone else vacationing. During seasons with a high tourist visitations, demand for luxurious accommodation is high, and you have to cough up a few more dollars to secure hotel with lavish amenities. However, off peak seasons are associated with fewer numbers, hence lower costs and even offers!

  • Accommodation standards

Different accommodation places come with varying amenities and packages. For instance living in a basic hotel is way cheaper than living in a place offering high-end amenities.

  1. Staying put and flexible

At times last minute cancellations, change of weather, delayed travel bookings are always part of independent experiences. However theirs need to stay reserved and flexible, and make the best out of every activity planned.

  1. Get ready for the trip!

Gather all the necessary items such as: maps, torches, phone charges vital for the trip.

Consider undergoing health checkups such as vaccines necessary for keeping fit in your destination. Besides, the weather is different from your usual, and you are susceptible to colds and other illnesses.

  1. Enjoy independently!

 After different stages of planning, it’s now time to relax and savor the moments. The experience and memories that come with independent travelling are worth commemorating.


Planning for an independent trip to Cotswolds can be fun and scary ant the same time. You want to enjoy the solo experience and don’t want to make mistakes. Therefore, consider the above tips and create memories that you will reminiscence the rest of your life.

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