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Top 10 On-Demand Travel Apps of 2022 That Every Traveller Should Know!

Travelling is not easy at all, especially if you venture out alone to some foreign land where you have no idea about anything. And there you require a lot of support. Sometimes you ask people to navigate your way, sometimes to find the food joints, and sometimes to learn more about the tourist attractions or tours. Without the support, it gets difficult to execute your plans. But in today’s highly advanced world, things have become easier to tackle due to the internet. There are several travel apps that you can use during your journeys. These apps will definitely provide you with aid and keep you stress-free. Let’s take a look at the top 10 on-demand travel apps of 2022 that every traveller must have on their phone.


Sometimes you are in places where language becomes a big barrier for you. In such cases, Duolingo comes to your rescue. It is a learning app that provides you free education in more than 30 languages of the world. With the help of the app, you can also indulge in academic learning.


One of the most loved travel companies with a community of travellers in millions, MakeMyTrip is regarded as the largest company in India providing online travel services. Whether you are looking for international flight booking, hotels and resorts, cabs, bus booking, and holiday packages, MakeMyTrip makes for the best option. Download the travel app and avail the best of travel deals and offers.


Packing is important as you wouldn’t want to miss out on any important thing on your trip. PackPoint is one of the greatest travel apps you must have on your phone. It helps you compile a list of items you need to have on your next trip. It also provides recommendations depending upon the destination.

Google Maps

Undoubtedly, a travel app without which you cannot even think of stepping out and exploring places! Google Maps is your best travel buddy as it helps you navigate through cities, towns, offbeat places, and more. It will always save you from getting lost or stuck as the app also provides information about road closures, live traffic updates, and more.


Tripadvisor can be your best guide when you are exploring unknown places. It is the best travel app to get advice regarding your destination, travel journeys, or anything else related to travel. It will help you compare prices and provide detailed reviews and photos for your safe travels. Whether it is about guided tours, home rentals, hotels and resorts, airlines, cruises, and more, Tripadvisor is all there with its great user-generated content.

XE Currency

One of the best currency converters that allow you to know updated exchange rates and charts, the XE Currency app can be extremely beneficial on your tours. It will help monitor up to ten currencies and eventually save a lot of calculations. You can also send and receive money from all across the globe.


New to the place and looking for the best places to eat and drink? Well, download the Foursquare app right now and get going. With the help of the app, you can get advice related to restaurants, cafes, bars, activity places, fun things to do, and more from the global community of travellers. You can also check out ratings and photos of the place.


The second largest travel app in India, Goibibo has the best travel deals and offers for you. Download the app and avail cheapest fares on international and domestic flights and book hotels and resorts of your choice. The app has a user-friendly interface, easy booking processes, and multiple payment options.

Road Trippers

Road Trippers can be your great companion if you are going on a road trip in places like America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and are unaware of the route. It not only helps you navigate for safe travels but also provides you with the details of important stopovers including camping sites, hiking places, restaurants, cafes, and other significant locations.


A perfect travel app to find beach houses, holiday rentals, hostels, and villas, Airbnb is a vacation rental company that can offer you a unique travel experience. You may be anywhere in the world, you always have great hosts on Airbnb to help you with accommodation. The app also has a messaging feature to talk to hosts and get insights into the place you are going to stay at.

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