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What Can I Expect at a Cruise Port Terminal?

As worldwide tourism resumes after a long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, people are looking for ways to travel the world again. There is no better way to travel the world and experience new locations than a good cruise trip. Cruise trips like the European river cruises by Authentic Voyages allow guests to travel and explore different destinations at a suitable pace. Additionally, these cruise trips are extremely well-planned and have the most minute details panned out for guests so they would not have to worry and travel the world carefree.

As the date of your booked cruise trip draws close, you might feel apprehensive about the check-in and boarding process at the cruise port. While it is completely natural to worry or feel overwhelmed, the fact remains that the entire check-in process at arrival is very smooth and easy to handle. Here are some things that you can expect at a cruise port terminal.

Arriving at the Terminal

You should arrive at the terminal at the right time to make sure you will be allowed to get on board the cruise vessel. Arriving before time can mean a lot of unnecessary waiting and arriving late can mean losing your chance to embark on the journey. You should target the busiest time for boarding and arrive sometime before or after to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Crossing the Security Checkpoint

When you arrive at the cruise port terminal, you will need to cross the security checkpoint, where you might need to present your boarding documents and proof of ID. You should keep these documents in a backpack so that they are easily accessible. Besides the verification of your documents and identification, you and your luggage will be scanned through a standard security x-ray machine.

Checking In

After passing through the security terminal, you will be directed to your queue depending on your cruise ticket tier. Here you will check-in using your personal identification and travel documents and fill a standard healthcare form to rule out common maritime illnesses. You will have your picture taken for added security and then receive a cruise card that you will use throughout your journey as your cruise ship credit card, room key, etc. Depending on your cruise ship, you might receive a wristband instead of a cruise card.

Boarding the Ship

Once this check-in process is complete, you will be directed to your cruise ship as soon as possible. You might have to wait for a little while, depending on your cruise ship tier and/or cruise line policies related to the boarding and check-in process. You might also get an opportunity to have a pre-trip photo taken by one of the official photographers, which, although optional, can be a good memory for the future.

About Your Luggage

You will get the chance to hire some porters to take your luggage to your cruise ship. While you can carry your luggage to your cabin, there might be some wait till your cabin is completely ready for you. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your important documents and personal belongings with yourself in a backpack to save them from getting misplaced during the process.

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