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Your next Yacht Charter: wonderful Turkey

There is a good chance that the stunning beauty along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, a popular location for luxury boat excursions, may cause you to lose your breath. This nation is a melting pot of the past and the present because of its cities, which are both historically significant and up to day. The name of this stretch of shoreline originates from the stunning contrast between the dark, lush green of the pine and cypress trees that border it and the clear blue of the seas that surround it. You may go swimming straight off the back of your boat in the crystal blue lagoons that are flanked by towering white cliffs, secret coves, and shimmering grottos. The lagoons are surrounded by a variety of marine life. When you get ashore, you’ll find vast lengths of beaches with white sand that demand to be explored and enjoyed with a picnic. During your time in Turkey, you should definitely make an effort to visit a Turkish shipyard and/or a refit center so that you may have a better understanding of the fascinating procedures that take place there.

The following is a list of suggested stops along your path of travel:


This gulf is well-known due to the breathtaking scenery provided by the mountains that are located all around it. Any traveler interested in experiencing Turkish culture and food will find Selimiye to be the ideal location thanks to the natural beauty of the area, the town’s assortment of charming eateries, and the ruins of an old castle. Try some of the renowned delicacies that they provide!


Be sure to spend some time in this stunning and bustling metropolis, which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and well-known metropolitan areas in Turkey. The tranquility of Yalikavak Marina, which is a blend of the old and the new, is the perfect setting for savoring traditional Turkish cuisine while gazing out over the clear blue seas of the Aegean Sea.


Boaters will find Bodrum to be a boater’s paradise due to the city’s stunning bays, interesting historic ruins, crystal clear waters, and vibrant club scene. In contrast to the French Riviera, Bodrum offers a delightful contrast between the ancient and the modern worlds. After exploring the picturesque neighborhoods with their whitewashed homes and swaying palm trees, take some time to unwind on the breathtaking beaches.

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